Selecting The Right Fiberglass Pool Size And Shape for Your Backyard

July 31, 2023

Nothing beats the idea of having a pool in your backyard, especially in hot weather, and it’s a perfect way to transform your dull outdoor space into a relaxing and entertaining oasis. But before you start digging up your yard, there are several things to consider when selecting the right fiberglass pool size and shape that best suits your needs. This blog will guide you through some valuable insights and considerations to help you make informed decisions when choosing the right fiberglass pool size and shape for your backyard.

Assessing Your Backyard Space

The first and most important step is to assess your backyard space to determine if it’s suitable for a pool. Measuring the available space accurately is crucial for selecting the right size and shape of a pool. It’s also essential to consider any existing landscape features, such as trees, rocks, or slopes, that could impact pool placement. Additionally, ensure you understand and follow local regulations and obtain necessary permits before installing a pool.

Identifying Your Pool’s Purpose

Before selecting the right fiberglass pool size and shape, consider how you plan to use the pool. Think about the primary purpose of the pool, whether it’s for recreation, fitness, relaxation, or all-purpose. Also, the pool size and shape depend on the family size, age of swimmers, and lifestyle preferences. For instance, a small pool may not be suitable for a family with children who like to swim and play, while a large pool may be unnecessary for a single homeowner. If you plan on swimming laps or hosting larger groups, a bigger size may be more suitable than a smaller one.Β 

Evaluating Fiberglass Pool Size Options

Once you have assessed your space and pool purpose, it’s time to evaluate pool size options. There are three main fiberglass pool size models suitable for various backyard spaces, including small, medium, and large size pools.

Small Pools

Small pools are perfect for homeowners with limited backyard space but still want to enjoy having a pool. They measure starting at 8’ X 10’ up to 12’ X 32′ and are perfect for relaxation or cooling off during hot weather. They’re also easier to maintain and consume less water, making them environmentally friendly.

Medium Pools

Medium-sized pools are versatile and suitable for various activities and backyard sizes. Mid-sized fiberglass inground pools range in size from 12’ X 32’ to 14’ X 35’ and can accommodate a small group of swimmers. Additionally, they’re perfect for families with children who enjoy swimming and playing in the pool.

Large Pools

If you have spacious outdoor space, a large pool is ideal. Large inground pools are the perfect backyard showpiece, with sizes up to 16’ X 42’. They are perfect for avid swimmers or entertainers who like to host pool parties. They also provide a more extensive swimming area, making them ideal for exercise and fitness.

Selecting A Pool Shape

Just as it’s important to consider the size of your pool, the shape is another significant factor. Here are some popular pool shapes for you to consider:

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools boast a classic and timeless appeal. With their straight lines and 90-degree corners, they lend a formal aesthetic to your backyard, adding an elegant touch to the landscape. Besides, their traditional layout is ideal for swimming laps, making them a perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts. Our Birmingham and St. Louis pools are prime examples of rectangular pools and even come with a built in tanning ledge for added comfort. This design has a clean, modern look that appeals to those seeking a simple and timeless design.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools might be your calling if you are looking for a more organic and natural look. These pools don’t adhere to any specific shape or size, allowing for a lot of flexibility in design. Their flowing curves and asymmetric lines can blend seamlessly with various backyard designs. The Huntsville, Knoxville, and Atlanta pools are prime examples of freeform pools with their unique, flowing shapes. They are perfect for those who prefer a more natural aesthetic in their backyard. They flawlessly mimic the natural contours of water bodies, adding a touch of charm and sophistication to any outdoor space.

Kidney Shaped Pools

Kidney-shaped pools are a popular choice among homeowners for their aesthetic and functional appeal. Their design, reminiscent of a kidney bean, features a smooth-flowing form that effortlessly blends with most backyard landscapes. This shape offers a distinct shallow and deep end, which is ideal if your family comprises swimmers of varying ages and abilities. The Jacksonville and Lexington pools serve as excellent illustrations of kidney-shaped designs. These models blend functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing seamless integration into various landscape types and meeting the diverse needs of swimmers.

Dive Into Your Pool Selection Journey  

Selecting the right fiberglass pool size and shape for your backyard is more than just picking the most attractive option. It involves several considerations, such as your available space, pool purpose, and pool size options. Taking the time to evaluate these factors carefully will help you make informed decisions that suit your needs. With help from our experts, you’ll be able to create a truly unique backyard pool that will provide years of enjoyment. Pool Brokers USA offers viable financing options to make your dream pool a reality. Ready to take the plunge? Contact Pool Brokers USA today for information about our fiberglass inground pools. For additional pool tips, visit our blog page or FAQ page.

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