Pool Installations Across Tennessee

March 28, 2024

Welcome to our showcase of pool installations in Tennessee, where we explore installations across the cities of Knoxville and Nashville. Each installation offers a unique blend of relaxation and elegance, showcased in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every homeowner’s taste. As we delve into these designs, we also highlight the optimal timing for pool installations in Tennessee, guiding homeowners toward the ideal window of opportunity to install a fiberglass inground pool.Β 

The Knoxville Medium Pool – Installed in Knoxville, TN

The Knoxville pool features an organic design that harmonizes beautifully with its surroundings. This eco-friendly pool offers a unique experience with four private sitting areas, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. With dimensions of 14’x32′, this pool perfectly blends tranquility and aesthetic appeal for homeowners seeking a natural retreat in their backyard.

The St. Louis Large Pool – Installed in Nashville, TN

In contrast to the organic design of the Knoxville pool, this installation of the St. Louis pool showcases timeless elegance and sophistication. This traditional pool design features bench seating and a walk-around safety ledge for added convenience. The highlight of this design is the spacious 5’x12β€² tanning ledge equipped with three bubblers, catering to various needs including tanning, relaxation, and enjoyment for all swimmers. With dimensions of 16′ X 42′, the St. Louis pool is the epitome of luxury for homeowners with large backyards.

The Best Time to Install a Pool in Tennessee 

For those considering a pool installation in Tennessee, the best time typically falls during the spring and early summer months, from March to June. With mild weather conditions conducive to outdoor construction, this period allows for efficient installation without the disruptions of extreme hot or cold temperatures. By scheduling installation during this timeframe, homeowners can ensure their pool is ready to be enjoyed when the Tennessee heat begins to rise.

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