Is DIY Pool Installation Right for You?

May 18, 2023

Are you looking to add a pool to your backyard this summer but are wondering if hiring a full-service pool installation company or a DIY installation is the right choice for you? Installing an inground swimming pool can be an incredibly convenient way of transforming your yard into the ideal summer oasis. If you’re a handyman or know someone who might be, it’s worth considering a DIY pool installation! DIY pool installations provide various advantages, like lower costs and complete control of the project. Take time to educate yourself on what is involved in the DIY install process and how Pool Brokers USA can help. 

Benefits of a DIY Pool Installation

More Cost-Effective

The biggest pro of DIY pool installation is that it can be much cheaper than a full-service professional installation. Opting for a DIY fiberglass pool installation has several advantages, especially regarding cost savings and flexibility. For example, as the project’s general contractor, you don’t have to do the work yourself; instead, if you have friends or family members who are contractors, they can help. Or, you can hire subcontractors to complete various aspects of the project. This approach allows you to save significantly on the markups that a full-service company would typically charge, making the project more budget-friendly. 

In addition, if the cost is a concern, Pool Brokers USA offers a Factory Assist Program designed for individuals who want to save on pool installation costs. This program allows customers to take on the role of ‘Project Supervisor’ and oversee the project themselves as experts from Pool Brokers USA provide guidance and assistance. 

Maintain Greater Control of the Process

As the project’s general contractor, you maintain greater control over the entire process, ensuring that each aspect of the installation meets your specific requirements and preferences. If you do your research and take your time with the process, making a great-looking pool at a minimal cost is possible. 

Guidance from Pool Brokers USA  

Another considerable advantage of a DIY fiberglass pool installation is the support and guidance provided by Pool Brokers USA. With our experienced technicians on site the day of installation to assist with the pool installation, the project becomes less daunting and more manageable. In some cases, we can offer customer referrals for reliable contractors in your area who can help with the finishing of the pool. This ensures that you have access to a network of trusted professionals throughout the entire installation process, making it easier to achieve the perfect pool setup for your home while saving money and enjoying a sense of accomplishment.

Create Your Dream Backyard with Pool Brokers USA

Pool Brokers USA is committed to helping everyday families create memories that will last a lifetime by providing affordable and high-quality fiberglass swimming pools. We offer a wide variety of pools to choose from, with flexible financing options and services that make the process hassle-free. With a focus on value and quality, Pool Brokers USA has made it easier than ever to transform any backyard into a private oasis. 

As you can see, building a pool is a major decision and requires much thought and planning. From figuring out the right size and shape to determining the right location, there are many factors to consider, but Pool Brokers USA is here to help guide you throughout the DIY install process. Contact Pool Brokers USA for all your pool installation needs!
Pool Brokers USA provides affordable fiberglass inground pools for any size backyard! We help the average American family afford a fiberglass swimming pool, bringing people together and creating memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more, visit our frequently asked questions or request a quote today!