What size pool should I get?

The size pool you should get for your property depends on a number of factors, from the size and orientation of your yard to how you intend to use the pool. Here are some key considerations when choosing what size pool you should get.

  • Yard Size – Of course, the main constraint when selecting the size of your pool is how much pool you can fit in your backyard.
  • Lifestyle & Intended Use – Do you plan to use the pool mostly solo, or do you have visions of epic block parties in your new backyard? Do you have 4 kids who can’t wait to cannonball into the deep end, or are you a retiree envisioning some light aqua aerobics in the shallow end? Do you want enough space to swim short laps, or do you see yourself mostly using the pool for its tanning ledge?
  • Deck or Patio Space – If you know you’ll get a lot of use out of a patio for entertaining guests or for lounging poolside, then you’ll need to reserve some yard space. Consider what patio furniture you’ll need to accommodate, and don’t forget popular outdoor accessories like a grill or fire pit. If you’re unsure how much deck space to allocate, we suggest a deck that’s roughly equal to the pool size.
  • Cost – Although size does matter when it comes to the amount of pool space a family needs, a larger pool does not necessarily cost more to maintain than a smaller pool. Especially with the newer and more efficient variable speed pumps and filters. We never hear “our pool is too large”, so if you’re on the fence about pool size, we recommend jumping in with the larger option.