How does the process work when I buy a pool from Pool Brokers USA?

When you purchase a pool from Pool Brokers USA, you’ll get your new pool installed faster and at lower cost than you would with a traditional pool contractor. Here’s how our process works:

  • Request a Quote – Let us know where you need your pool delivered, what size pool you’re interested in, and how many models you’d like quotes for.
  • Select Your Pool – Review your quotes, talk to a representative to get the answers to any questions you may have, and select the fiberglass pool model that works best for you and your property.
  • Set the Delivery Date – Depending on your selections, location, and the time of year, we’ll set a convenient delivery date for your pool shell and equipment package.
  • Our Installation Services – Through our Factory Assist Program, you can save up to $25,000 on installation costs. You’ll decide whether you’d like us to simply deliver the pool, or whether you’d like a Factory Trained Supervisor to be on site for the day to assist you and your helpers to excavate the hole; prepare the bottom; rig, lift, and set the pool; level and brace; set up plumbing; and backfill the pool. This will be completed on delivery day.
  • Your Responsibilities – You’ll need to make arrangements for the backfill material, the electrical contractor, the concrete contractor, and the rental of equipment needed on site. We will provide a detailed email upon receiving your Order Form that indicates what type and quantity of backfill material you’ll need, owners manuals and specs for the items included in the equipment package, and the rental equipment you’ll need on site so there will be no guesswork.