How long do inground pools last?

All of the pools we offer are constructed of fiberglass, which is highly durable, making it an excellent material choice for longevity. Furthermore, all of our pool shells are handcrafted using our critical point lamination system, delivering the toughest, most durable pools on the market. When you purchase a pool from Pool Brokers USA, you can expect your fiberglass inground pool to last 30 years or more – sometimes even 50+ years. 

What’s more, maintaining a fiberglass pool over its lifespan requires relatively minimal upkeep. Unlike a concrete pool that must be resurfaced every 10 years or a vinyl liner pool that will need the vinyl replaced every 7-10 years, a fiberglass pool has low maintenance needs. Fiberglass is also easy to keep clean with minimal chemical treatment because the smooth, non-porous surface deters algae growth.