How do I maintain my pool?

If you’re concerned about what goes into pool maintenance, you’re in luck. Fiberglass inground swimming pools are relatively low maintenance. Since the pool shell is all one piece, you won’t need to worry about replacing or resurfacing your fiberglass pool. The smooth, nonporous finish will discourage algae growth, so you won’t need to treat your pool with as many chemicals to keep the water looking pristine.

Maintenance Tasks for a Fiberglass Pool:

  • Clean your pool with products made for fiberglass – a skimmer is really all you need, but you may opt for a pool vacuum.
  • Maintain the water chemistry – You’ll need to regularly check your levels of chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid (CYA), and alkalinity to ensure your water is in the target ranges. Since fiberglass doesn’t affect the water chemistry, you won’t need to do as much to keep your water chemistry on target.
  • Run the pool filter – As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to run one complete filtration per day for a fiberglass pool. You can determine how long you’ll need to run your filter based on your pool size and the filtration rate. All this is programmable for a “set it and forget it” filtration system.
  • Keep the water level above the skimmer – This not only helps skim out any leaf, bug, or other debris on the surface of the water, but also helps maintain the proper weight to counterbalance any upward pressure from groundwater.